Sarfaraz Or Rizwan For T20 WorldCup 2021?

ICC Men’s Cricket T20 WorldCup 2021 which will be the 7th T20 cricket world has been scheduled between October 2021 and November. INDIA will host this World cup.

For the Pakistan Cricket team, they can play either Sarfraz Ahmad or Muhammad Rizwan if they have to play Shoib Malik and Muhammad Hafeez which is most likely going to happen as we all know Seniors are very important for any team especially when that top-order collapse.

So one thing is clear that Pakistan can play one of these two players, whom should Pakistan play in T20 WorldCup 2021? Sarfraz? Or Rizwan? And why

Let’s Talk About Statistics

Sarfraz Ahmad the former skipper of Pakistan has represented Pakistan in 59 T20I matches and has scored 812 runs with avg of 28.0 and SR of 126.67.

In the end, if we talk about Rizwan, he has represented Pakistan in 20 International T20 matches and has scored 185 with and an avg 16.81 of an SR of 97.88.

Now if we think being neutral, both of them have Poor stats for sure. Stats don’t show any of these two a good batsman for T20I Cricket. But remember Only STATS doesn’t define a player.

If we talk about Sarfraz Ahmad, he is called a T20 Specialist because he has got a smart brain for it. He has wonderful Captaincy skills and great leadership qualities. He was the one who took Pakistan to No.1 T20I rankings and won consecutive 11 series for us as a captain. The problem he faced was his batting, he batted late in the order Most of the time and failed to impress anyone. His batting avg failed to improve in 2 years and at last Pakistan, the cricket Team had to drop him from the team.

Rizwan on the other end got amazing skills in Fielding/ wicket keeping. He is very active in the field and impressive behind the stumps. But the same problem he faced, he is not a good t20 batsman. The above stats show it all. He is a better Wicket keeper than Sarfraz for sure but probably not a better t20 batsman than him.

Now if we compare both of them, one is a good batsman as compared to the other and one is a good wicket-keeper as compared to others. So who would you choose in your team if you had to select one?

If I were the authority,I would have gone for Sarfraz Ahmad because of his amazing Mindset of T20I cricket. In my opinion, his mindset can be used to grab the trophy in India next year.

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